Thursday, March 24, 2016

What you should have at your midterm

1. Your blog fully populated with: Image grid, artist poster, research images, animation, silhouetted body forms with vinyl designs, images of your laser cut hydraulic die and test pressings, H-pattern ring and cut out model.

2. Your laser cut vinyl wearable. You should have full color, high quality photos that are mounted on board. The photos should be professional! Find a model! Have them put on appropriate clothing. Use photoshop to edit imperfections. Have your photo/piece ready for midterm. 

Offset path
Symbols> Heirloom
Live paint
Transform>Move, rotate, reflect, scale and shear
extrude and bevel

Master file>tab and slot cutting
material thickness

Guidelines for portraits

1. Clean presentation
2. what you are wearing under the piece matters
3. clean it up (use photoshop)
4. find a model if you need one
5. Don't use your iphone (find a camera, we have one in the tool room)
6. Print it larger than 8.5" x 11" (maybe 11" x 17") 
7. Use a good printer (quality, quality quality)
8. Mount the print (don't just pin it up or lay it on the table)
9. If you need help please ask
10. Do not wait till the last minute 






Vinyl cutting and salt water etching

Chain, chain, change (mini project)

Assignment Brief: 
Create a laser cut chain using plexi glass and Ponoko

Learning outcomes: 
Students will make a unique chain using illustrator and

Skills list:
Illustrator: importing templates, testing in house and then
outsourcing to Ponoko

It has to have links.  It all has to be laser cut. 



Thursday, March 17, 2016

H-pattern ring OR underpants ring

Make two H-pattern ring models using illustrator
Cut it out using scissors
post images to your blog

Thursday, March 10, 2016

New files from templates
Changing the size of our art-board
TAB>hide tabs
Outline view

Scatter brush
Pattern brush

Type tool
Type on path

Warp tool


status update

What you should have done: Photomontage/First blog post Vinyl project/images Fold up brooch sample/ hydraulic die ...