Thursday, February 25, 2016


Assignment Brief:                

Create a large, wearable, neck-piece using illustrator and the vinyl cutter. Your piece must have at least two colors and must have be turned in with a photograph of it being worn, an image of the pre-cut vector art and the actual file used for the cutting. Your piece must cover at least 1/4 of your body.  (Exp: Neck + chest, Arms + hands, Legs + feet etc)

*Before next class!!!! start collecting images.  Do your research.  You will need at least 10 source images we will look at together in-class!!!  Take some photos of yourself to paint on top of.   

Learning outcomes:          

Students will learn Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and the use of the vinyl cutter to make a wearable that will then be documented through the use of digital photography. Sourced imagery will be editing/prepped using Photoshop and Illustrator. 

Skills list:                                                     
Digital photography: SLR versus point and shoot, resolution, processing RAW files.
Importing images, editing images using effects, images adjustments, re-sizing, layers and file formatting
Importing images, Image tracing, vector shapes, brushes, scatter brush, layers, re-sizing and layout tools

Operating a vinyl cutter
Preparing paper models

In our relentless consumer culture how can the temporary bring attention to the sentimental? How long does jewelry need to last to be

iconography, cultural identifiers, tattoos, branding and fashion

Alexander Calder
Art smith
Margaret de Patta
Otto Kunzli
Ashley Rebecca Hannon
Uli Rapp
Lise Lefebvre

Agnes Larsson
Kerianne Quick
Lauren Kalman Naomi Filmer
Sarah Turner
Tine De Ruysser
Alexander McQueen
Iris van herpen

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