Thursday, April 14, 2016

Chain/brooch etc


All files should be named in this format: name+project+object
for example:

Also, please make sure to label the file as final or WIP (work in progress)
This will ensure that we are printing the correct file

Files should be located in the proper folder
VINYL photos should be in the VINYL PHOTOS folder
LASER files should be in the LASERFILES folder

Please upload your photo files to the VINYL PHOTOS folder. Again, all the files should be labeled
for example:

Please make sure you have uploaded all of your files

I have a merit badge in….. 

Assignment Brief:      

Use digital fabrication tools to create a brooch that builds a narrative, creates social awareness or commemorates an event. Think of merit badges, reliquaries, memento mori and monuments. 

Learning outcomes:    

Students will make a brooch by using Adobe Illustrator, to combine laser cutting and engraver with traditional hand skills.

Skills list:                               

Vector tracing images from digital photos

Illustrator: Grid, scale, units, rulers, RGB versus CMYK, printing to regular inkjet printers

Illustrator: Importing images, Image tracing, vector shapes, brushes, scatter brush, layers, re-sizing and layout tools

Laser cutter:  what materials can be cut?
Bank building: learning a workflow for using the bank building 
Pin backs and prong settings

You must have an etched component (using the vinyl cutter, laser engraver)

Concept:  Tell a story in five words or less.  Uses identifiable symbols to create combinations that support your concept.


Icons/ logos
Family crests
Merit badges
Military medals
Police badges
Car medallions
Commemorative coins
Maker’s marks
Road signage
Ikea directions
Mason symbols
Architectural details


How can combining symbols create a narrative?
How big can a piece be before it becomes a brooch/badge/medal?
How can material inform your concept?
How can simplifying imagery support a piece?
How can it take away?
How can framing and layering silhouettes create dimension in a piece.
Can a personal narrative be universally understood?
Where does your piece fit in the cannon of jewelry?

When commemorating a personal event, talent or skill, what can wearing it do to the viewer?


Four complete models.  (this includes multiple layered paper mock-ups)
All drawings should be to scale.
At least five layers of material (this includes the plexi).  
Use the layers to contain/capture something. 
Pin back (completed, polished and working)
Must follow the parameters of the project. 

Memento mori 

(Latin: "remember that you must die")

Reliquary of the jaw of St. Anthony. Basilica di

Santo Antonio, Padua. 1349

Becky McDonah, reliquary for ear plugs

Jack Cunningham, 'The Great Barrier'

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