Thursday, April 28, 2016


For the final:

50 posts, these posts should reflect the research for the projects made in my class as well as any use of technology at the bench, Please include links to pinterest pages. 

You must have completed a chain using laser cutting, material choice is up to you and it should have some sensitivity to material thickness in regards to joints/connection points.  

Brooch/Merit badge:  
You should have five layers of material (this could be plexi, photos, wood, metal etc) The content/imagery should support the concept.  Your brooch should commemorate a person place event or object.  This could fall into the form of a merit badge or memento mori piece. Your brooch should be completed with the same care you give to your metal piece.  Surfaces should be free of unintentional surface scratches, excess solder and joints should be clean. All surface treatments should be tested (spray, wax, sand blasting, scoured finish). This is your big final piece. I am also requiring photographs of your final piece being worn. It should be a split photo with one shot on the body and one shot off the body.   

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